Visit to Tetra Pak

26th August 2020

I remember the times when I first came across Tetra Pak and was fascinated to know that it composes 6 layers of packaging, but always wondered how it was possible. Ever since then, I have always waited for opportunities to know more about Tetra Pak. One such great opportunity was provided to us, the FIPDes students, by Lund University to visit the headquarters of Tetra Pak located in Lund, Sweden.

The day kicked off with presentation from which we learnt about the history of the company and how they have continuously evolved and provided many food packaging solutions throughout their journey of 69 years. We then got a glimpse of different types of packaging the company has been producing and were spellbound to see the wide range of packaging used all over the world, in a single room.

Sometimes we take certain things for granted and don’t notice certain aspects in packaging, but Tetra Pak notes it all and spends months to years in their research to develop the perfect food packaging. (Isn’t it so interesting that even the caps of the Tetra Pak undergo huge amount of research on simple factors like the feel, pourability and ease to open the cap!?)

Well the work of the company doesn’t just stop here! Tetra Pak’s commitment on climate change, circular economy, deforestation and to protect food & people are just few of their greatest initiatives that have been taken towards achieving sustainability which impressed us all.

To add on to the enriching experience, we had a great lunch and also FIKA (Swedish coffee break) with tasty cinnamon buns and coffee.

Tetra Pak is one of the examples which proves that it is never too late to start something that can make a difference and it is important to “PROTECT WHAT’S GOOD” and make the world a better place to live in.

We, the FIPDes students, thank Erik and Jenny and also Lund University for organizing a visit to Tetra Pak.

Ramyashree Srinath, India, Cohort 9


- Updated October 2020 -