Visit to Yoplait Company

Lyon Visit: A Breath of Fresh Air

Cohort 8 visited Yoplait Company near Lyon on November 16th, 2018.

"After months of classroom lectures and discussion, it was a breath of fresh air to visit Lyon which could be considered as very different from the busy city of Paris.
The whole Cohort and several FIPDes Professors stayed in a hotel which is surrounded by a lot of restaurants and sceneries.

The next morning, we headed to Yoplait plant and Research and Development pilot food plant where we had a brief tour around the pilot plant. This was a very nice experience since we had a chance to ask the R&D team about the process of testing ice cream and yoghurt products from lab scale to pilot plant. With this encounter, I realized how important the role of a food engineer or scientist is especially for large companies producing tons of products annually. It is never easy to develop a good food product and translating this to a larger scale is even more difficult.

After the visit, we got the chance to have a discussion with our industrial tutors who are the R&D personnel for Yoplait Häagen Dazs brand and we learned a lot from our discussion with them for the project that we are working on at that moment.

Overall, the visit to Lyon was a very good experience of visiting a beautiful city and an innovative R&D team in the food industry".

Roxanne Mae Targa, Philippines, Cohort 8

- Updated January 2019 -