Visit to the Global Key Player in Fermentation – Lesaffre

The M2 students specializing in Food Design and Engineering paid a visit to one of the R&D centres of Lesaffre in Lille, France, on the 27th of November 2019. During the visit students got an overview of the company’s subsidiaries such as Fermentis, Biospringer, Leaf, Lesaffre Human Care (LHC) and Phileo. This was an eye-opener for greater opportunities and applications in the field of yeast and yeast derivatives. They also had the opportunity to meet one previous FIPDes student from cohort 4 (Andrew Vasina) who has been working for several years in the Biospringer subsidiary.

Students also got a tour around the various departments within this sector, where they saw how the cutting-edge research is practically done. This great investment can result in the sustainable innovative launching of new products and applicable solutions which continuously renders Lesaffre highly competitive in this area of the food industry.

Visiting Lesaffre was an extraordinary experience. We could not help but someday imagine ourselves working in such an inspiring organization whose sole aim is to work together to better nourish and protect the planet!

Klara Cerk, Slovenia and Eugenia Ayebea Asamoah, Ghana, Cohort 8

- Updated February 2020 -