Why choose FIPDes?

FIPDes is a unique opportunity!

Choosing FIPDes, it’s a unique opportunity to:

  • Be able to successfully integrate and apply knowledge from different disciplines and cultural systems.
  • Undertake front-running applied projects in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.
  • Deepen your technical skills while exploring your creative abilities.
  • Empower your adaptability and entrepreneurship capabilities.
  • Shape a unique profile that would take many years to build when working in a company.
  • Get the European experience and networks to be ready for new incoming professional challenges at local and global scales.
  • Develop highly marketable soft-skills such as team-management, leadership, and English communication.

After the programme, students will:

  • Have developed personal, social, leadership and intellectual skills in a multidisciplinarity context of food innovation and product design
  • Have a deep knowledge and be able to apply the values of scholarship, inquiry, reflexion, integrity, openmindness, evidence-based thinking and collegiality
  • Understand and be able to apply the principles and processes that underpin sustainable and innovative food development, including engineering, culinary, managerial and scientific aspects
  • Have advanced and specific innovation and design knowledge in the field of healthy food, product and process engineering or packaging
  • Be able to develop new knowledge or procedure and to integrate knowledge from different fields
  • Get insight and awareness of the socio-economic environment and reflect on relationships between individuals, society and economy, providing a holistic overview of food innovation from local to global scale
  • Get insight and awareness of industrial practices throughout the whole food supply chains, from raw materials to consumers

In our brochure you can find an overview of all important information for the FIPDes Master :


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- Updated March 2021 -