FIPDes Course

The Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Food Innovation and Product Design (EMMC-FIPDes) is scheduled over two academic years.
The EMMC-FIPDes has been developed to train students who wish to contribute to the development of innovative, sustainable and healthy food products.

Succesfull FIPDes students will obtain a double or triple degree (according to their study track), i.e. National Master Degree certificates with a Joint Diploma Supplement from the four Universities and a FIPDes diploma which encapsulate the jointness of the programme by including the logo of each FIPDes institution as well as the signature of their representative.

FIPDes degrees awarded to the students at the end of the programme:
All students:
 Master Sciences et technologie du Vivant et de l’environnement, mention Aliments, Bioproduits, Nutrition et Santé, spécialité Ingénierie des Produits et Procédés of AgroParisTech, France
 Master of Science in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development of DIT, Ireland
 Joint Diploma in Food Innovation & Product Design
 Joint Diploma Supplement

Students chosen special mobility track:
 Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie alimentari of UNINA, Italy
 Master of Science of Lund University, Sweden

Graduates will be able to find positions in and outside Europe, either in their country or in a national branch of an international food brand. Find more about FIPDes employability here.

The official language of the EMMC-FIPDES course is English with ample opportunities to learn the local language and culture.
In France some standard modules shared with national courses are in French.

Attention :
Aquiring basic French knowledge is strongly recomended before the begining of the course.

(updated May 2014)

- Updated April 2015 -